Thursday, June 19, 2014

Urban Geology: Every Day Rocks

Welcome to Urban Geology, a blog dedicated to discovering and documenting the use of rocks and other geologic phenomenon in urban settings.  Many geologists seek out the wonders of our natural world in remote locations, but many times you can find the great beauty of geology in your own neighborhood.  Whether your city has plutonic rocks used as building stone, charnockite sidewalks, folded strata in the canyon behind your house, or if you have beautiful looking rocks in your garden, this blog will document people's discoveries where they live to show the rest of the world.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a story to share and be sure to include the city, location, rock type(s), pictures, history, and any other description that would generate a good post.  The best way to get your submissions posted is to e-mail me at and write a description of the rocks you have found, their location, clear pictures with a scale to get a reference on the size, and any captions you wish to include.

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